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All these vegetable side dishes can be served as a main course

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  Saag Bhaji  

Spinach cooked with onions and garlic.

 £3.95   £7.95
Saag Aloo  

Spinach with potato's and medium spiced.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Saag Paneer

Spinach cooked with home made cheese & cream.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Saag Dal 

Spinach cooked with medium spicy lentils.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Bombay Aloo

A simple potato dish using coriander, onions, garlic, chillirs and a special selection of spices and herbs.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Channa Aloo

Chick peas and potatoes, medium spiced and dry.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Aloo Gobi

A popular combination of aloo (potato) and gobi (cauliflower) with coriander.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Gobi Bhaji 

Cauliflower with a touch of garlic and coriander.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Channa Bhaji  

Medium spiced chick peas.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Bhindi Bhaji

Fresh okra cooked with onions and touch of gravy.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Brinjal Bhaji

Fresh Aubergine medium spiced and dry.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Mushroom Bhaji

This is a fairly dry dish of fresh sliced mushroom with onions, coriander and light spices.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Tarka Dhal

Medium spiced lentils. Consists of various spices and flavourings fried in a small amount of oil. Our authentic tarka combination including fresh garlic and butter.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Sesame Courgettes 

Thin slices of fresh courgettes cooked with shallots, pepper, sesame seeds, spices and a touch of butter.

 £3.95   £7.95
  Mutor Paneer

Paneer is the most common Perian and South Asian soft cheese. This is the classic with peasand mild creamy sauce. Paneer lends itself well to this classic dish.

 £3.95   £7.95
Cauliflower Bhaji

A popular dish of sauteed gobi (cauliflower) with spices.

 £3.95   £7.95
Mixed Vegetable Curry

An assortment of seasonal vegetables cooked in a curry sauce.

 £3.95   £7.95
Mixed Vegetable Bhaji

An assortment of seasonal vegetables cooked dry.

 £3.95   £7.95

Home made natural yoghurt.

         Plain  £2.50
         Mixed Onion & Cucumber  £2.50